Tarek Alakmeh

I love to create and realize special and unique projects. I photograph and film, write texts, play the piano, create websites and program apps with great passion.
I am still embedding analog media (35mm-film, vinyl, print) in my projects because I love to combine new cutting-edge technology with old-fashioned and physical work.

💻 Coding on Github,
📷 Photographing for Instagram and tarek.photo,
🎹 Playing the piano as Duo Alakmeh,
📮 Sharing on Twitter

Sneak peek

Apphoven Icon

Apphoven * An App for Musicians
Entire execution: Planning, strategy, development (back- and frontend), database management, photography, design, blog & writing. 2017

Tarek Photo Icon

Tarek.photo * Photography-Portfolio
Web development, CMS Management, photography. Continuously updating. 2015

Bannau Icon

Bannau * Retirement Home Website
Web development, CMS Management, blog & writing, photography. Continuously maintaining and writing articles. 2014