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Since I've got my first computer (WinXP 2007), I became interested in the digital world and its magical possibilities. I've started programming with Batch on XP, little programs to shut down the computer, delete files and so on. At this time, I've also got my first digital camera with a few Megapixels and an SD-Card with 256 MB space (haha)! I didn't only shoot pictures, I also recorded some Stop-Motion clips. Years after, I started to play with homepage builders, HTML and Paint, so it didn't take long, as I released my first Top-Level-Domain Webpage with a self-designed logo: (2011). The prototype of (2012), where I wrote articles and reviews. Now I'm developing Tools and prototypes in Angular2, PHP & Co., administrating my own mail server with shared space and contacts, taking pictures (, writing, playing piano and much more.

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Tarek Alakmeh
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